Thursday, December 22, 2016

Book Review: The edge of never


Camryn Bennett was having a bad day oneday, her long time best friend' boyfriend was trying to seduce her and having affair with her, but she refused it. Her best friend was defend for her then boyfriend and said her bad words. Camryn with that stress, she tried to go for bus trips to nowhere and she met Andrew Parrish who has the same intention as her. Connection between both starts growing stronger and they found love each other. Suddenly Andrew has fainted and Camryn found out that Andrew had brain tumour, she persuade him to go for brain surgery and hope he could gain her health wellness and they could go travel around the world as they planned. 

My review: 

Camryn was on the trip to get away from all her troubles. Her best friend said bad mouth to her and she feels that her best friend did not trust her after the incident with her best friend' boyfriend. On the trip to nowhere, she met Andrew Parrish. Andrew was on the trip to see his father in hospital. The connection of both become so strong and Andrew even saved her during their journey. They loved each other and suddenly Camryn found that Andrew has brain tumour and even at first Andrew rejected to be operated, after Camryn persuade him hard, he go through the operation and the operation succeed. After that, their relationship become stronger and Camryn found out she's pregnant and they planned to go around the world.

This book is nice to read. It is well written. The strong emotion and deep conversation between Andrew and Camryn is really worth to read. They are both like to think outside the box and they have their own thought and personality. Camryn feel she is broken and find Andrew is the right person to fix her and make her feel alive again. I like the strong emotion described in the book. 

However, I think the story is very dramatic when Andrew is fainted and to be found to had brain tumour and have to go operation and even though in the book its described that the chance is very small, Andrew make through it and he has gain his healthiness again and found out that Camryn is pregnant. I do not like the story suddenly goes to far and fast in the end. I prefer take it slow. I did not enjoy the ending though. I wish there could be better ending for this. This ending made me discourage to read the second book. 

My rating: 4/5

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