Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fan Fiction

Dear guys,
This is an old post from my old blog, but I want to share it.

Like I said before, I love books. But more importantly I love story. Lately I love to read fan fiction. I love to read fan fiction about X Files, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Franklin and Bash, Scrubs, Avengers, Dark Knight, etc. These fan fiction writers are very great. They are very passionate with their writings even though they don't own them. Congratulations and thank you for all these great writers. I respect the producer, director, actors, voice actors, writers, etc who make all the TV shows, movie, anime, game, novel, etc. Without them, we won't have many great  story. But, we have to admit that they have limitations with what they have and what they present. Off course sometimes, it doesn't enough. That's why fan fiction exist. I know there's many people that don't like fan fiction and the controversy. But, I won't talk about it right now. What I want to say is for people who love story but never read fan fiction. I suggest for all of you to read it right now. I won't say that all fan fiction is good. Some are very bad, but many are very touching. Sometimes, I found myself crying when I was reading particular fan fiction. It was so sad that I find it affects me very much.

Famous site for fan fiction is, and other specific fan fiction site like Mulder torture (fan fiction about physical, emotional torture that Mulder experience), JD (John Dorian) angst (the same like mulder torture but for JD from scrubs), and many others. Please try it and review the story. It would encourage them to finish the story. Once again, please give it try, everyone.

God Bless All Of You ^^


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